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Books Between Bites - July 6th - Shining a Light:  Creating Pathways to Equity, Safety, Healing, and Justice With People with Disabilities. Author and Speaker: Shirley Paceley

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Books Between Bites - July 6, 2022

Please join us July 6 in the Decatur Public Library’s Madden Auditorium Title: Shining a Light:  Creating Pathways to Equity, Safety, Healing, and Justice With People with Disabilities

Author and Speaker: Shirley Paceley

Shirley (White) Paceley grew up in Oreana, Il and has lived most of her adult life in Decatur.  She began her college career at Richland Community College and received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana in 1978.  She completed her master’s degree from the University of Illinois in Springfield in 1990.  Shirley always knew she wanted to help people, but her life changed when she began working with people with disabilities in 1973. Since that time she has dedicated her life to making positive changes in the lives of people with disabilities and the systems that provide disability services and supports. Along this journey, Shirley discovered that people with disabilities experience violence at alarming rates and she worked beside people with disabilities to create pathways to equality, safety, healing, and justice.  Shirley has spoken internationally, provided training and consultation across the nation, created resources, published articles, provided counseling, supported collaborative teams, and imparted a vision for equality and diversity.  Shirley has received several awards for her work including a 2021 Professional Impact Award from End Violence Against Women International for her work with sexual assault survivors with disabilities.

Shining a Light confronts the oft-hidden issue of sexual assault against people with disabilities, including its alarming prevalence and insightful stories of resilience and hope. Chapters on education, trauma and recovery, criminal justice, and systems change Illuminate how service professionals can create authentic and healing relationships with survivors with disabilities and transform systems of service, healing, and justice.  Shining A Light clearly demonstrates the fact that violence occurs within a context of power differences, and the reader gets to learn from the experts---people with disabilities.  The lives of people with disabilities are illuminated through poignant stories of inequality and violence as well as stories of profound connections, speaking truth to power, and the capacity of dreams to change lives.  Shining A Light is a reimagining of helping relationships and advocacy partnerships that everyone who cares about others should read!

Second Saturday Book Sale will be 9:30-12:30 July 9, 2022 at the Decatur Public Library.  Also, weekly book sales on Mondays 10:30-1:30 and Thursdays 12:30-3:30.

Books Between Bites is a free program at the Decatur Public Library, sponsored by Friends of Decatur Library


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