FOL President's Newsletter

June/July 2024 Newsletter

Would you believe that I wrote a June newsletter and somehow lost it? I wrote a newsletter (actually the second in June) and I thought I had sent it to Christl, our secretary, and thought no more about it- until Christl wrote and asked if I wanted to do a June/July newsletter since I hadn’t written a June letter. I looked for my newsletter and found the file, the name was there, but the file was empty. So, this has become the June/July newsletter.

Sales at Friends of the Library Books and Beyond are going well. It is a good thing because we are looking to help with funding extra programs for the library’s 150th anniversary in 2025. At the July board meeting we approved the first and second of the requests totaling over $10,000. We will continue to grant requests for the 150th celebration as well as honor the regular programs as long as we have the funds to do so. Each of you who are a member of the Friends of the Library has a part in sponsoring these programs.

Yesterday afternoon/evening I worked at the bookstore and thought you might be interested in hearing about our newest member. When we (those who work at the bookstore) have someone come up with several books, DVDs, puzzles, etc. we usually ask them if they are members, if they aren’t we suggest they join. We signed up a new member yesterday. The lady came up with $64 in items. We suggested she join for $15, and she thought about it and decided to join. When we added everything up, it was only $68 – just $4 more, and she is a regular customer – so she will receive much more in discounts. In the past we had only 11 monthly sales where you could get a 10% discount. FOL Books and Beyond is open three days a week (M & Tu 10:30-2:30, and Th. 3-6:30) plus the 2nd and 4th Saturday (9:30-12:30), so the discount is much more valuable if you shop regularly at our bookstore, Friends of the Library Books and Beyond, located inside the Decatur Public Library.

Please remember that FOL Members are welcome to attend any board session meetings (the second Thursday of the month at 4:00 pm) and observe the meeting.

FOL President

Books Between Bites – August 7th, 2024


Please join us on Wednesday, August 7, 2024, at 12:15 in the Decatur Public Library’s Madden Auditorium for a Books Between Bites.

Book Title: Dear Jacob: A Mother’s Journey of Hope

Author: Patty Wetterling

Presenter: Virginia McQuistion

About The Book: On October 22, 1989, in the small town of St. Joseph, Minnesota, eleven-year-old Jacob Wetterling was kidnapped at gunpoint. Twenty-seven years later, on September 2, 2016, Danny Heinrich led authorities to the boy’s remains. What lies between is the riveting story of the search for Jacob Wetterling, told by his mother, Patty. With down-to-earth candor, she details the investigation as it unfolds, discusses her family’s struggles, and shows how she maintained her energy and optimism. For her own survival, Patty chose to focus on hope. She became a speaker, trainer, and national advocate for missing children. Her lobbying work took her to Washington, DC, where in 1994 Congress passed the Jacob Wetterling Act, establishing a national sex offender registry. Jacob's kidnapping forever changed the way parents raised their children. Dear Jacob offers not only a behind-the-scenes account of one of America's most notorious crimes but also a historical account of what has been done in the years since Jacob's kidnapping to combat the problem of missing and exploited children. (GoodReads)

About The Presenter: Virginia McQuistion, who has retired from Millikin as a librarian, has always loved to read. In fact, her grandfather stated in his autobiography “Virginia is a “veritable book worm”. Ever since she was able to turn a page of a book, she has had a book in her hand.” She was also destined to become a librarian. While in 6th grade, she carried her Bobbsey Twin books to school for her friends to “check out”. Her favorite book is Little Women, given to her by her grandmother, which she still owns and has read five times. (She wanted to be like Jo March.) Virginia was a library student assistant in high school and college. She earned her Master of Library Science from University of Minnesota, served as librarian at McCurdy Mission School, Espanola, New Mexico, also at Westmar College, her alma mater, then came to Millikin University as reference and public service librarian. She continues to read and read. Her last DPL check out slip indicated she has saved about $6,500 by using the library.

Books Between Bites is a free program at the Decatur Public Library, sponsored by the Friends of the Decatur Library

fol sales

Weekday and Second Saturday Book Sales! FOL booksales are at the library 3 to 4 days a week! At the new Friends area on the lower level of the library. Every Monday from 10:30am – 2:30pm, Tuesdays from 10:30am – 2:30pm, Thursdays from 3pm – 6:30pm. Second & fourth Saturdays sales will be from 9:30am – 12:30pm.

Come see us in our new home on the lower level of the library!